Our Services

Interior Painting


Precision at every corner

Our painters at Picasso’s Painting are trained to pay close attention to every detail during the painting process. From crisp edges to a smooth & even finish, your home’s refreshed & refined look will provide enjoyment for years to come.


Exterior Painting


Pride of curb appeal

You’re proud of your home. You worked hard to get it and you want it to show that pride and excitement you felt on the very first day you walked into it. Excitement and pride is what we create when we paint an exterior. No matter how aged or deteriorated your exterior may look, we are experts at making your home look new again.


Commercial Painting


In Business, you only get one shot at a first impression

Whether it’s an office or a restaurant, your business’ appearance has a major impact on how your customers or clients perceive you. Picasso’s Painting can provide your business with a paint job that will make your business shine and your customers and clients smile.


Power Washing


House exterior or deck looking a bit grimey? Time for a bath.

Over the course of about a year, your house’s exterior and/or decking accumulates dirt, grime, sludge, mold and other substances that make it look worn and aged. Let Picasso’s come breath new life into your home’s exterior and deck by giving it a thorough power wash. Most homeowners are shocked when they see the difference a good power wash makes!


Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Epoxy Flooring


Floors that look like you can eat off of Them

Epoxy is a material that acts as a sealant for concrete floors. It’s commonly applied to garage floors, basement floors, and work surfaces to provide protection, durability, longevity and a nice looking shine. It produces a very high-end look and compliments a new paint job nicely.


Hardwood floor refinishing is part of our restoration service. Total replacement of your hardwood floors can be a big process and a big expense. Refinishing is a cost effective way to bring new life back to your flooring. We sand down the top dull layer, apply a new, fresh cost of stain (in your current color or in any shade you’d like!), and then give them a gleaming new shine.

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