Precision is the Result of Process

The difference between Picasso’s Painting LLC and other painters you may find is our keen attention to detail and meticulous process. We take extra measures to protect your home, keep the process clean & stress free, and give you the space you have been envisioning.




To begin your painting project, we start by preparing the painting space. For interiors, this means carefully removing all the art and pictures from the walls, moving furniture away from the walls, cleaning the walls of dirt/cob webs, and making sure there is proper ventilation for smooth, easy drying. For exteriors, we take into great consideration your landscape and garden, to ensure we enhance your home/building without causing any damage.


One of the most important steps in our process is the taping. The truth is, there are no short cuts when it comes to taping for a project. We spend a lot of time carefully lining up the tape and covering every outlet, corner, trim, and edge. Clean lines are crucial to a polished, finished project.




We are here to enhance your home/office, not to create more work for you! When we leave, we want your space to look even better than it did before we started. We lay drop cloths across all surface areas to protect your entire space- because splatter and paint drops are not the look you are going for!


Here is the fun part! This is the phase when you start to see some real changes. In terms of color selection, we can even assist you in choosing the right colors to give your home or office the perfect look and appearance you desire. Ask us about color palettes and trends, or bring us your own color cards for your project and leave the rest of the work to us!

Picasso's Painting Brookfield



Because we take so many precautions during the set up to prevent any messes, the clean up process is fairly quick and painless. We move back your furniture to its original placement, reinstall outlet covers and fixtures and present your space with new life. We will leave you with the proper care instructions to make sure your paint dries and is protected for years to come.


STEP 6: The Space of Your Dreams!

Voila! The space you have been envisioning is brought to life and ready for every day living & enjoyment.